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Jadhav Bidar 

Dr. U.S.Jadhav Ph.D, University Librarian (I/C.),

Karnataka Veterinary, Animal & Fisheries Sciences University,

Bidar, Karnataka,India.


Constantly changing educational landscape and opportunities coupled with the necessity to survive competition has brought about a growing need for organized education. The key to excel in competitive examinations is to start early. The best time to start preparations for important competitive examinations is ‘now’.

            The Civil Services Audio Video Study material “Self Study at your Convenience for IAS, IFoS, NET, Bank and Competitive Examinations: Practical Tutor” which is being prepared by aforesaid firm for General Studies of UPSC Civil Services Preliminary and main Examinations and other competitive examinations keeping in view of demand of new aspirants of civil service. This product has been compiled and edited in DVD’s with great care by different learned experts. This unique product has great value and very informative resources would be a great and valuable resources for the students pursuing their academic studies and preparing for competitive examinations. I compliment Civil Services Audio whole team for their endeavor.


 Muruganantham   Siva Shankar KM  Passes Civil Services - 2012

 Dear Sir,

I am SIVA SHANKAR KM. I have cleared Civil services exam 2012 with rank 940. Thanks for your audio notes which was immensely helpful in preparation. A Short Intro about Myself: I have completed my BE E&I in 2010 from Kongu Engineering college, I got 37th university rank. After which i joined Cognizant Technology solutions (College placement). Since i was under compulsion to support my family financially, i could not quit my job and dedicate my full time in Civil services preparation. Right from 2010 i have been preparing for civil exam myself using online info and other books. I could not crack the 2010 prelims which i took right away after college. Then after in 2011, i cracked prelims with my own preparation and took two months Loss of pay leave and went for mains coaching in Tamilnadu govt coaching Center but failed in mains. Right from the moment i started preparation, i had been adopting various strategy to utilise my time efficiently. Accidently i saw audio notes Ad in a magazine and bought the audio notes out of curiosity. There after the audio notes helped me to save my time largely and channelise my preparation efficiently. After working for an year in cognizant technology solutions i joined in banking industry (SBI Probationary Officer), then again i lost much time in work. My whole success is largely dependent on how i utilised my time. I used the audio notes while travelling (from my bank branch to home), then in evening while relaxing. Moreover in states like tamilnadu having serious power cut issues, importantly in rural places where i work has numerous hours of power cuts. i switch to audio lesson learning whenever there is darkness due to power cut. Audio notes served as a main revision technique and helped to reorganise basic subjective facts within myself. I daily follow various online discussion forums and started staying abreast with other co aspirants in whole India. In CSE 2012 I have cleared mains and interview also. It is almost quite unbelievable that i took only 5 days leave before my mains exam( I was put under an important banking training in Indore before mains exam, otherwise i would have got a month leave for mains preparation). To my bad luck in the time before interview it was March month. Everyone knows the tension for a banker in March month. I was madly working towards NPA recovery (No chance for leave to study). I used to carry my books and current affairs notes to study whenever i get time. Normally in March month 2013, i used to leave branch after 8 30 PM only and then i study after 9 30PM in between i used hear audio notes when there is power cut. Finally with god’s blessing i made it to the final list now. Really audio notes played a vital role in my preparation (mostly prelims and interview). I recommended this product to my junior Jayamurugan and he also got benefited from this( he cleared prelims but could not clear mains). Sir, it is really an wonderful idea and project. Convey my wishes to your team. I whole heartedly appreciate your team for the clarity of notes. Every word in audio notes spoken is clear and easily understandable (I could not identify any regional slang!!!!) . Please invest more in marketing of the product. It will be useful to many aspirants like me who are working, and don’t know how to go about with the preparation. Anyways, now after joining services, I am sure i will make it to IAS/IPS next year sir. Thanks a ton, SIVA SHANKAR KM RANK: 940 CSE 2012


 Muruganantham   H. Muruganatham Assit  TNPSC Group 4

         I am very much satisfied and impressed by your Audio and Video notes in a Preloaded Mobile/MP3 player. It’s a revolutionary concept of educating students through current communicative technology. It reduces my efforts smartly by saving lot of time while travelling, working, eating, etc. Moreover the voice is crystal clear with perfect accent to tackle the regional slang barriers. During recent times, I was struggling a lot to manage my time effectively to share for a balanced work and study schedule. But now, through your Audio + Video Preloaded version I am very much filled with uncompromising courage to clear IAS – UPSC Examination. 


G.S.Ramakrishna, Andhra Pradesh

…I am listening to the audio which is giving entire idea on the subject. Though it looks simple, it covers vast portion on each and every basic. Your audio notes is providing what an aspirant requires. …. It is also giving idea about how to frame an answer. For example if gone through Basic features of Indian Agriculture, you have given the scenario of post-independence Indian agriculture, issues faced, govt measure to prevent i.e. green revolution, comparison with major countries, present Indian agricultural conditions, i.e. govt new adaptations like 2nd green revolution or gene revolution for the growth of economy and living standards of agricultural dependents. With this reference, one can answer any type of agricultural questions merging with present govt actions….


Rakesh Vaidya, Jharkhand

Sir, I liked your audio notes, they are really helpful



The notes were simply superb and were very useful during my preparation. The subjects covered were precise and the quality of notes was excellent. I have given the same to my friends and everybody gave a positive feedback ….


Rajesh Pankajvijay, Kerala

I am glad to inform you that even a person of a little knowledge about these things I am also interest in this audio book.After got listened your sample audio book and I have understood that the manner of presentation was so amiable and the sound quality was very high and this is very useful for an ordinary student like me.

In these above reasons I wish to purchase your Audio Book.


Divya.S.K., Bangalore

Audio Quality is too good. Content is commendable too. Please try to add more about current events. (I know it’s exhaustive?)


Jawed Iqubal, Jharkhand

Topics covered are good. The length of the material should be little more.  Audio quality is also good.


S.H  Sharma, Ahmedabad

These audio notes are very helpful to me. As specially when I am bored and require to another way of study I use this audio notes…. :)



…all in all it is a great idea which is bound to help every aspirant and would help judicious use of the time while travelling or anywhere.


Shuyeb Mohammed, Hyderabad

This Practice is good. And please continue to help the students by providing such good material.


Shrikant Pant

From: Uttarakhand

The audio notes proved to be quite helpful in the preparation of civil services exam. It’s concise in nature but I think some topics can be dealt with deeper understanding.



        HI everyone!  I had gone through sample audio notes of Prakash sir they are of utmost substitute for any other notes as they are concise and give a clear idea of the concept later you can blend it with your own frame.  Since they are in audio format whenever you want to relax at that time you just put on earphones and listen.