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Why Audio/Video Notes?

Sound waves enter deep in to our psyche. Listening is 38% more effective than reading!

The idea of web site devoted to audio/video notes was to introduce a new method of preparation for all those aspirants, who dream to become Civil Service Officers, in State and Central Governments.

Oral tradition of learning has been forte of our Indian culture. For example, all our basic Hindu scriptures such as, Vedas, have been carried forward, from one generation to another, through poetic or artful form of prose, poems and folklores and music. Such, oral tradition has influenced our day way of life or a philosophy, in general. In our day today life, we carry out many rituals unquestionably, as told by our elders.

In modern times, Audio medium ie CDs,MP3, however, has been more used for listening to Music than anything else. However, Audio is being extensively used for people with visual impairment for their learning purpose. It is especially so in the western countries. There are Audio books which can be used by visually affected and others as well.

Audio/Video is a powerful medium:

In general, is it not true that We tend to remember hearsay things. Don’t we! Sound waves enter deep in to our psyche more than the visual scenes.

Listening/Watching is basic form and medium of communication in education, right from childhood.

To read a very vast study material of Competitive Examinations needs tremendous amount of time. The effort of focusing is very heavy, often resulting in poor memory, understanding and confusion.

Long hours of reading have repercussions, such as loss of sleep, poor memory, body pains, tired eyes, cramps in the body and so on.

One can listen to audio notes in utmost privacy in any situation at home, outside, whether traveling in a bus or train. The impact they leave in the mind is deep and long lasting.

The most user friendly listening/watching devices these days are Mobiles, Smart Phones and Tablet. They are so easy to carry, small ,compact and convenient.

Audio Video notes can filter the information of many pages into few rememberable sentences and words effectively. Therefore, they can pack lot of information in less ‘mind-space’ in a crisp, summary manner.

The audio/video notes are in question and answer type – in precise and concise manner having a direct relevance to the examination context.