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Audio Video Notes for IAS and Competitive Exams – A Unique Method for Employed Candidates. 

A study of profile of successful candidates who made it in to IAS and other All India Competitive Exams reveals that very large proportion of them had a part time or full time job after their education. When civil service bug bit them, many of them took long leave, went to some coaching class, put in hard work and got through. Still many of them did not leave their job. Instead, they chose to attend evening and week end classes, put in hard work and got through. There are also many instances where candidates with or without job studied on their own, without coaching classes and got through with of course by their hard work. Time constraint, financial constraint and lack of aces to coaching centers were big challenges for such candidates.

Keeping in view the problems and needs of such candidates,, a part of the Adnur Education Foundation, has come out with unique method of studying through Video Study materials.

Audio and Video are very powerful media. One will agree that Audio and Visual waves leave deep impressions, on our psyche. They are absorbed in our mind deeply. They remain in memory far more strongly than mere reading.

Given the vastness of all civil service examinations, time constraints, problems of remembering too many things, it would be nice idea to listen and watch and also read simple, direct and crisp points. Based on this principle, Audio – Video and Text notes are prepared for examination purpose by It is an educational foundation headed by Senior Civil Service Officer, Prakash H Adnur (IRS), Retired Commissioner of Income Tax, and Bangalore. Other Associates and Advisors include other civil service officers, Management Experts, Radio and Television Artists and Professional Graphic Design Artists and Content Writers.

The basic and most fundamental aspects on a topic are attempted to be brought out in these videos. The crisp and to the point narration would help the students give the students an idea of writing precise answers in their exam. Such study material also could be useful for teachers as well.

These Audio- Video notes cover all aspects of India i.e., Polity, History, Freedom Movement, Geography, General Studies, General Science, Ethics, Values, Integrity, Attitude Etc. The essays are of varying sizes and offer themselves for short and big questions. They have been prepared for direct answers, usable for examination purpose. They are well researched articles packed with Current topics and authentic facts and figures.

According to the latest trends, for the ease of studying, students would like to have study material loaded in Micro SD card, DVD set and even Online. These devices, they feel are convenient as they can study at home, or commuting, travelling, waiting or when they are relaxing. Accordingly, has packed Audio/Video Study material in Micro SD card, DVD set and Online. They have been priced at a very modest price, keeping in view the affordability of common students.

To summarize, these Videos have following worth mentioning features.

        • They are fairly exhaustive with 140 hours of duration,
        • Cover as many as 1400 topics.
        • They are in accordance with UPSC Syllabus
        • Topics have been arranged in sequential manner paper-wise and topic-wise for the  ease of students as well as for the teachers
        • Videos also have running text. This, along with audio, and accompanying images, illustrations makes the study focused (unlike prerecorded video lectures or simple videos)
        • Therefore, one is able to study by listening, watching and Reading same time.
        • Instead of Hard copy notes, the video notes are more effective and modern replacements.
        • Audio/Video Notes are available in Micro SD card, DVD set and even Online (If one has fast internet for streaming purpose).
        • The notes are such that they are useful for State Civil Services Or Central Civil Services or any All India Competitive Examinations