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Introduction to New Method of Studying through AUDIO - VIDEO and TEXT Notes

Hello, welcome to Civil Services Audio Our heartiest congratulations on your decision, choosing Civil Service career.

Here at,, we are happy to announce launching of new technique of studying. This technique is fairly like a personal tutor. The technique, we are talking is VIDEO NOTES. It contains both Audio and Video lessons. In addition you will be able to read the text as well.

Friends, Audio and Video are very powerful medium. You will agree that Audio and Visual waves leave deep impressions, on our psyche. They are absorbed in our mind deeply. They remain in memory far more strongly than mere reading.

Given the vastness of all civil service examinations, time constraints, problems of remembering too many things, it would be nice idea to listen and watch and also read simple, direct and crisp points. Based on this principle, Audio – Video and Text notes are prepared for examination purpose.

These Audio- Video notes cover all aspects of India i.e., Polity, History, Freedom Movement, Geography, General Studies, General Science, Ethics, Values, Integrity, Attitude Etc. The essays are of varying sizes and offer themselves for short and big questions. They have been prepared for direct answers, usable for examination purpose. They are well researched articles packed with Current topics and authentic facts and figures.

The notes are such that they are useful whether you are studying for State Civil Services or Central Civil Services or any All India Competitive Examinations. Please Watch and listen and also read them, at your convenience in your own privacy, whether you are travelling, working, walking, waiting or relaxing. You will not need Computer or Internet. You can watch and listen in your own Mobile, Tablet and PC through DVDs, Micro SD cards etc. They are also available online.

Please visit for free sample Audio – Video and Text Notes.

Please make studying civil service examination, a comfortable and focused experience through these Video and Text Notes.

As a social service initiative, we are pleased to offer the online version of Audio Notes free of cost to all physically and visually challenged students.

Wish you all the Best and Bright Career and Prosperity in all walks of your life.